Life in a Postage Stamp

I am an extravert. I am also a homebody. This combination is often challenging as I try to meaningfully interact with the world around me. To compensate, I create small worlds close to home where I can focus. Some call these “bubbles”. Faulkner called them “postage stamp[s] of native soil”.

My current life is centered around a 5 block radius, encompassing my apartment, office, grocery store, bank, and preferred coffee shop. I venture outside of this world merely to participate in another sphere, typically centered around Peach Orchard Drive, and having a 10 mile radius, including McLean Presbyterian Church, Tyson’s Corner, and the wonderful ethnic food of Falls Church.

At other points in my life, this postage stamp has been known as Bay Village. Or Grove City College. But for right now, I choose to sink into life in this strange world of Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I explore my current stamp of soil.


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