I Voted

votedThere is something unique about election day. Something unifying after months of division. On this day, millions of Americans stand side by side and together take part in the political process handed down to us by our forefathers. The right to vote and the peaceful transfer of power are two of the hallmarks of this great nation. And we celebrate that today.

The Post offered this essay on the goodness of the vote, as evidenced by a simple “I voted” sticker:

…It says you stood in a school cafeteria or a branch library or a community center gymnasium this morning or this afternoon, or you’ll stand there tonight after work, and it says that you stood there because you thought of yourself as no less noble (and no more important) than anyone else. These days, that’s huge. You voiced your opinion while also remaining part of a “we.” You took your turn.

So today, we celebrate that this nation, though very diverse, and at times divided is still a “we”. Embrace your neighbor today and be grateful that we all have been given a voice.


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