Eight Lists for Oh-Eight

Every new year, I like to read through my journals from the previous year and see what I’ve thought about, accomplished, learned, relearned, and even failed to learn. For you, dear reader, are my eight lists for 08:

8 books read

-Book Thief  – Markus Zusak
-Marriage and Caste in America – Kay Hymowitz
-Timbered Choir – Wendell Berry
-Fabric of Faithfulness – Steve Garber
-The Kite Runner -Khaled Hosseini
-Big House – George Howe Colt
-Traveling Mercies – Anne Lamott
-Everyone’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them – John Ortberg

8 states visited

-Ohio (to see family)
-Pennsylvannia (Steve and Em’s wedding, winter fellows retreat)
-New York (Camp Wa-Ma-Dee)
-North Caroline (Rach and Megs, outer banks)
-Virginia (all of my life)
-Maryland (Leslie, crosstrainers retreat)
-Delaware (felloware)
-District of Columbia (Okay, not yet a state…we can fight about it, though!)

8 significant events

-Cyclone hits Burma, killing thousands
-China hosted the Olympics
-the economy had a bit of a meltdown
-Saddleback church held unprecedented forums on faith
-Barack Obama was elected president
-Hu Auburn (my pastor) retired after 33 years at BPC
-CNN finally ushers in the “future” with the use of holograms on TV
-Castro resigned as the dictator of Cuba

8 accomplishments

-The fellows year marked the end of my formal education
-I began my first job as a research assistant
-I moved into my first apartment (outside of college)
-After much deliberation, I joined McLean Presbyterian Church
-I am now a furniture owner
-Several hundred dollars poorer, I became a DC resident
-I allowed myself to be Known
-I kept in (relatively decent) touch with friends across the county

8 do-overs

-Get to know roommates sooner
-Have a greater vulnerability
-Live an unashamed faith
-Take more time off life between fellows and adulthood
-Learn more about the Senate while there
-Seek to be content in the moment
-Pray more
-Befriend fellows for real while the program was still going on

8 big thought themes

-The role of the Church in my life; the role of my life in the Church
-The benefits of isolated/lonely seasons
-All truth is God’s truth
-The challenge of shortening the distance between my head and my heart
-The implications of being a woman in this time and place
-The role of confession in shaping community
-God’s sovereignty in the details
-“The body of Christ, broken for you”: the call to corporate worship

8 lessons learned

-True joy and true sorrow necessarily coexist
-Shared meals are my favorite way to share life
-I have an inherent desire to be known, yet resist the vulnerability this requires
-Never underestimate the healing poewr of soft lights, comfy furniture and strong coffee
-Doubt is good. So is faith.
-Confession is painful, beautiful, and necessary
-If I fail to meaningfully connect Sunday to Monday, I will fail.
-Shared history is invaluable, yet often taken for granted

8 goals for 09

-Begin to save money
-Be thoughtful about the information coming through the television
-Whenever possible, share meals, even if I have to cook them
-Do at least one act of creating each day
-Stop taking myself so seriously
-Rest more often. Missing out on things just might be okay.
-Become a better steward of my body
-Find ways to meaningfully think with others

One thought on “Eight Lists for Oh-Eight

  1. 8 responses/comments 🙂
    * I’m terribly jealous of your avid outside classroom reading, i want to be more like you.
    * You only have seven states b/c OBX is in NC, lo siento, but props for being willing to travel, i suck at that.
    * I admire your interest in the world and its events and how you care about things that are going on. You’d be a great liberal arts prof, you’re well rounded.
    * I love your 8 accomplishments, they’re real and wonderful!
    * I hope your 8 do-overs don’t make you sad, and i hope that the ones that you can use as lessons for the future will spur you to get to know people earlier, learn everything you can in the times and places where God has you, and that you will seek, pray, and live more boldly for Jesus.
    * Again, big thought themes, i’m always floored by your depth of thought and your willingness to “think about things enough to have something to say.” All of them are life-changing, i think i’ll write them down to consider, maybe on the magna doodle.. one at a time. 🙂
    * Hmm.. true joy and sorrow necessarily co-existing, thats rough to swallow, but true. it reminds me of the Browning quote about joy. Also, wonderful observation about connecting sunday to monday, lets work on that together.
    * Can i join you in your endeavor to accomplish your 8 (or maybe more) goals in 09?!?! 🙂

    I love you more than skittles and sweet tea and football sundays [but you already knew that]

    your faithful,

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