dinnerRecently, I have found myself wanting to cook more.

I think that this stems from two schools of thought:

1) I love being creative. Working with my hands is important to me, and since I (like most of the rest of America) work behind a desk for most of the day, I only have a few hours each evening to accomplish this. Since I also have to eat each evening, this seems like a beautiful blend.

2) I think that community comes together uniquely over food. This is one of the beauties of the Lord’s Supper. It is a meal, shared by the entire body of Christ that unites us, if only as a taste of heaven.

Sharing meals with those that I love has been a defining part of my entire life. As a child, we had a family rule that declared that no one ever eat alone. Even in high school when we were running in four different directions, one of my family members would at least sit with me while I ate.

In college, our group of friends was defined by the meals that we shared. I think I could count on one hand the number of times I ate alone. Although we ate all meals together, dinner in particular would stretch into hours, as some came and others left. Senior year, we cooked for each other. If I was alone on any given night, the boys would cook (always something fabulous). If they wanted a break from cooking, they were always welcome to share our table. Common meals became shared experiences, which became shared lives. Living so far away from those that I love right now makes these shared meals a challenge.

Some day, I will have a glorious kitchen, with a huge kitchen table that will always been full of dear friends. I hope to invite you when that day comes.


One thought on “Chef?

  1. I am in the same “I need to cook” phase. And I associate family with food, probably because whenever we are together, we eat. Usually too much. And usually also some weird food. (Why, in this day of freezers and refridgerators, do we continue to pickle herring? Who would eat it un-pickled, anyways? How desperate WERE they back in the old days? UGH!)

    I think the cooking thing also comes from the age. Let’s face it- we’re in prime ‘nesting’ phase, or so I hear, so cooking, making a home, defining your space, it’s all what helps you to find your HOME feeling, wherever you are.

    Food Network=I wish there was scratch-n-sniff tv. It’s addictive.


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