A List for A Friday

To-Dos1. Yell at Pittsburgh for winning and Duke for losing. Check bracket half-dozen more times to make sure it still sucks.

2. Call Washington Post. Tell them they need more options for customer service on-line. Change address.

3. Realize you can’t possibly make it to NE DC by 10am on Sunday morning and also go to church. Call U-Haul and tell them you need the truck at 11 instead.

4. Edit report on teen romantic relationships

5. Schedule interviews for college kids

6. Go to Giant to buy the smallest amount of milk possible so you can eat breakfast tomorrow.

7. While there, get water and beer for the moving team.

8. Finish retreat planning. Actually write out what you want to talk about.

9. Update tables for research brief.

10. Upload pictures from Meg’s wedding to Picasa so RQT and LB stop harassing you.

11. Back up all important files from computer, since it is unlikely to survive the move.

12. Scrounge around your apartment for any remaining food left in the kitchen. Try to cook it in a way that it both appetizing and aesthetically pleasing.

13. Finish packing your life into small boxes so your friends can carry them without too much complaining.

14. While packing, watch The Office and 30 Rock that you missed last night due to the break-up-with-Russ fiesta.

15. Rest. Begin again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A List for A Friday

  1. 1) I refuse to believe you did all that in one day.
    2) I was not harrassing you! I was just going to take them from fb, you’re the one who told me to wait. i’m just sayin’
    3) yay! all this is done now! doesn’t that feel good?

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