Cultivators: In 30 Years

In thirty years… [Christ] won’t be a nice, banal, meek, and bearded man with softly permed hair. Instead, he will fill our imagination more solidly, more invasively, more unexpectedly. Christ will become That Man who changes people, someone who jumps off of bumper stickers and mediocre praise songs and into lives, a presence much more like Gandalf the Grey than Mr. Rogers.

…Our churches, Bible studies, and worldviews will be refreshed with stories of God’s unpredictable, relentless pursuit of the Hebrews. This will breathe new life into our celebrations…our worship…and our attitudes (we will realize the Christ was working before America, before Martin Luther, even before the New Testament).

When this change comes and we see Christ differently, others will notice.

Christians will be known not merely as engagers of culture, but as creators and builders of culture. We will not avoid or fear the marketplace of ideas, the museums of modern art, and the assemblies of diplomacy; we will enter them. Christians will cultivate an understanding of science, business, engineering, architecture and medicine because we know that our work tells the world more of what God is like. When any field wants a well-informed expert, Christians will be consulted, not as token evangelicals, not because we have demanded representation, and not because we are so nice, but because we are concerned with excellence.

As Christian men and women, we will be faithful when we demonstrate long suffering with discernment, joy without everlasting grins, peace when it costs us personally to keep it, patience when our favorite causes are overlooked, and self-control when others are given the credit for changing the world.

In thirty years our souls will be bigger.

excerpted from unChristian, by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. reflections by Jonalyn Fincher


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