ist2_1579457-balancing-checkbookOh Macy’s. How I love hate you.

We used to be friends. You were like the cool stylish girl who was slightly more fashionable than me, but close enough to be a legitimate inspiration, if only i had a bit more money. Clearly we were on the same page on this, as evidenced by your thought that I wanted to put a $14,900 credit on my account. Brilliant.

Who knew that a simple $151.19 bill could turn into such a disaster? I mean, it was just two extra zeros. Just two. And a whole lot of red in my checking account.

Bank of America also gets a special shout out for thinking that spending $15,000 at Macy’s is in keeping with my credit history. Well done team. I salute you.

Six phone calls, 3 e-mails, 1 piece of mail and a full week later, it appears that my checking account has been restored to it’s normal meager (but black) amount and Macy’s has repented by allowing me to pay them what I actually owe, instead of more money than I’ve seen in my life.

Hopefully I’ll forgive you by Thanksgiving. I’d hate to rain on your parade.

Thanks for all who have tolerated my lack of cash and refrained from making fun of me for charging $3.50 for a cup of coffee. You are true friends.


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