Jigsaw Pieces

I have recently been lamenting how hard it is to live in the DC metro area. The rent is too high, the people live too far away, and any relationships that have the potential to start are limited by geography before they even get off the ground.

I compare the world that I am currently inhabiting to the several past worlds that I have occupied, and find that in addition to the general challenges of adulthood faced by 20somethings everywhere, DC adds the further challenges of the worst traffic in the United States and some seriously overworked people. Fitting together the scrambled pieces of adulthood – living on my own, juggling schedules, paying bills, having friends get married and have children, dealing with an employer – is an ongoing challenge that I think I may always be working towards. I’m just not sure that living in DC is helping those pieces form a coherent system.

Although I do not think I’m alone in this challenge, I hadn’t begun to realize that most of DC feels this way. It’s hard to make friends. Its hard to be Known.

This article appeared in the Post this week, and although it only confirmed what I already felt about the challenges of DC, it was somehow comforting to know that I am not alone. Not really.

“Gone are the [college] days when friends are an elevator ride away, dinner plans are made on the way to somebody’s hall, and Thursday is Friday or Friday is Thursday (who cares, you’ll figure it out in Philosophy C203),” Andrews writes. “Soon enough, the little old lady living in a shoe is you — and the rent is effin’ unbelievable, and nobody comes to visit because you’re too far from the Metro. Adulthood comes in little jigsaw pieces. Once the painstaking work of fitting them all together is done, the picture doesn’t look nearly as cool as it did on the box.”

I’m going back to the midwest ‘burbs for Christmas. I’m hoping for some perspective and a reminder that fitting the pieces together is just simply hard.


2 thoughts on “Jigsaw Pieces

  1. Hi. I’m looking forward to reading that article and “amen-ing” that this looked cooler on the box.
    But mostly I just want to send you a big hug and say that I love you and I almost wish that your life was easy all the time….but that would probably be worse, since I know that you know that God is big in the valleys.
    love, Lo

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