Modern Valentine’s Day

“…and wait to hear those 3 little word: let’s get naked.”

These are the last words spoken by the narrator in the currently-in-theater film Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, when one thinks “three little words” and “Valentine’s Day”, one would assume that those words are “I love you”. But in our increasingly sex-saturated culture, love has been trumped by sex. My generation has mistakenly bought into the idea that sex is a greater force than love, using it to set the bar for relationships.

There are so many implications behind this shift. When “let’s get naked” replaces “I love you” in defining relationships, we are essentially saying that sex, not love is what holds the relationship together. With sex as the foundation of relationships, it should be little wonder that so many of these relationships end in heartache and loss. Love, truly the rich sense of the word is self-sacrificial. It is unconditional and based on promise. Sex is based on feeling and moment.

If we are searching for a lasting foundation for relationships, if we are trying to reverse the legacy of divorce left to us by our parents’ generation, if we are trying to build a generation that believes in commitment and stability, love is the place we need to turn to. Sex will get us no further than weak acquaintances anchored by unrealistic dreams.

Love is harder. It requires more patience, more work, more sacrifice, more discipline. But like all things that fit that description, it is also more worth it. The change must begin with us.


One thought on “Modern Valentine’s Day

  1. My dear Kristen!
    I just wanted you to know how refreshng it is to read your postings. You add a face to hope. Hope in Christ…hope in His love…hope in His Word. Hope for your generation and those to follow. I am grateful to have spent a small bit of time with you.
    My heart has been delighted!

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