Growing up doesn’t have to mean donning a gray flannel suit. It really means taking an active role in the world instead of a passive one. Making an impact. And creating your world instead of consuming it.

These are the concluding thoughts of this article by Brett and Kate McCay, which is worth your time to read. Are we, as a generation, stuck in the role of consumer? Have we decided that creating things like gardens, music, families takes too much work and consuming store-bought flowers, Rock Band, and Second Life are acceptable substitutes? What would happen if we paused for a moment, dug in and actively tried to shape the world in which we are now moving? Imagine the possibilities…


2 thoughts on “Create/Consume

  1. It seems to me like this is implying that children don’t really make an impact or create the world. ? sorry to play devil’s advocate. Also that “growing up” means doing instead of being. I’ll go read the article now and see if I have the same conclusion later.

  2. Ok, I stick with my children’s complaint, although I understand why it’s phrased the way it is for the website’s target demographic (men. duh.) I’ll concede my being vs. doing complaint. I get where they’re going.

    On another note: that website is a-stounding. I think you should send it to our father.

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