I have been gone for a while.

During the month of May, I worked a mere 12 days, preferring instead to travel to Ireland, the UK, Indiana and Virginia Beach. Beginning in March, I have been out of town or hosted guests 3 out of every 4 weekends.

But mere physical travel was only the surface of my being “gone”. I started checking out in March and I took a full-fledged mental break for the month of May. Some of that was necessity – I’m extremely detail oriented, but juggling international travel, car rentals, house rentals, meal planning for 10 and the weddings of 2 dear friends proved more than I could handle. So I took the month off of ministry and put almost all relationships on hold. I went to the grocery store only once, barely cleaned my house and was less than faithful to my job.

It is June now, and I have returned to my postage stamp of life in desperate need of consistency, community, and rest. The month of June will be one of renewal and clarity.

So hang in there. Life’s about to pick up again.


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