There are 24 usable hours in every day.”

-Empire Records

In 24 hours, I…
– had breakfast with lynne
-pitched my own tent
-learned about the resiliance of the human body
-read “life together” by bonhoeffer
-walked around the grounds of the philadelphia art museum
-gave directions (poorly) to 5 people
-briefly served as a taxi stand
-watched 4 different wedding parties take pictures
-talked with 6 people on the phone
-prepared 21 water bottles and 15 food packages
-counted at least 42 couples on a date
-watched an ambulance overheat and get towed
-began knitting a blanket
-learned about the limits of the human body
-held one baby
-read most of fahrenheit 451
-successfully looked (and felt) hot (warm) and gross enough to be mistaken for a race participant and given free food
-asked for directions from 7 people
-was asked by 3 of those people if i managed to find the starbucks (i didn’t)
-didn’t get sunburned
-saw 2 GCC alumns
-watched fireworks for an unknown celebration
-learned to read a “leader board”
-attempted to master the art of the power-nap
-made 3 new friends (for the day)
-watched 5 separate races
-washed 2 socks and 1 t-shirt
-tore down my own tent
-caught up on Harvest’s summer reading schedule
-welcomed sabrina across the finish line
In 24 hours, Sabrina…
ran 126.8 miles

I’ve never felt less accomplished or more proud at the end of a day.


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