Me for President

In Washington, DC, you can determine who works closest to the “seats of power” by their dress. For example, business suit? You work on the hill or on K street. Skinny jeans and a nice sweater? You work in a far-flung corner of the district.

Today, I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Despite my distance from the Capitol, financial sector, or lobbying firms, people choose my metro stop to advertise, fund raise, and stage protests. And today was no exception.

Walking outside to visit my friendly neighborhood Starbucks, (it seems that caffeine and I are destined to have an on-again, off-again relationship) a man turns the corner with a box on his head and a walking stick in his hand. The box has a small slit cut out across his eyes, above which reads: “ME” and below reads: “for president”.

This is a fairly accurate rending of him:

To add credibility to his cause, he has a website, which I recommend you visiting, if only to note that my illustrious congressman from my parents home district has positive things to say about him. Oh Dennis.

The moral of this story? This election season, stand up for what you believe in – whether its through a yard sign, a campaign bus, or a box on your head – and embrace the freedoms of this democracy and let your voice be heard.


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