Personal Policy

I have a personal policy that I never get sick. Being sick interrupts all of the things that I love to do, and I simply have no patience for it. And I’m true to my word – about 99% of the time, I’m as fit as a fiddle; as healthy as a horse.

[note: Where did these expressions come from? I don’t know much about the fiddle, but I played the cello several lifetimes ago, and that thing was extremely finicky – always going out of tune or pitching a fit if you tried to take it from your warm house to the cold outdoors and back into your gradually warming car. It was hardly a good model for stability. Likewise, I don’t have a lot of experiences with horses. There was a brief stint of horseback riding lessons in elementary school and one ill-fated afternoon of watching dressage on the Hottest Day in the World at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. I was too busy dying of heat to notice if the horses were the picture of health. It shall remain a mystery.]

Yet I am currently living in the 1%. I had the flu right before Thanksgiving. Gross. Who gets sick right before the holiday that MOST requires all of your senses? Then, I was diagnosed with strep throat. Ewww. A sickness that makes it hurt to eat, talk, and breathe? No thank you. I much prefer being healthy.

So illness, you’ve been put on notice. I will not stand for you anymore. Me and my extra large bottle of Vitamin C supplements are ready to take you down. Go ahead. Just try and get to me.


…but maybe wait until after Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Personal Policy

  1. When you teach preschool, that’s pretty much every month. It’s like working in a petri dish.

    So, let’s try to be well for Swedish Christmas Eve, then. *cough*

  2. Oh, sorry, that was to Kris. The Peterson family outside on the Hottest Day in the World was my idea, and even though it was FOURTEEN YEARS AGO, it still comes up with surprising frequency. sigh.

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