Home Envy

It’s not a secret. I suffer from Extreme Home Envy.

First, let me tell you that I love my house. I love our large comfy couch and the photos on the dining room wall and the painfully-assembled Ikea furniture. Once my body adjusts to the sub-zero temperatures in our basement, I remember that I love our book nook and my craft corner and the picture wall in my bedroom. It really is a great house.

But there’s something about stepping into a new house, or at least one that is new to me, that makes this green monster rear her ugly head inside me.

Sometimes I’m struck by how stark another’s house is; by all the potential that is there. It makes me want to pack a suitcase, move in, take their credit card, and spend some quality time at Pottery Barn.Or perhaps tear down a wall in my own house to make my kitchen have the same oh-so-spacious layout.

Other times, I walk into a perfectly decorated home and absolutely want to pull up my semi-truck [note: I do not own a semi-truck. If I did, I’m quite sure that I would not be able to drive it.] and surreptitiously load all of their possessions into it. Sort of like the Grinch in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, only with better motives. Maybe.

Today, my coworker introduced me to this delightful little blog: Young House Love which should be blocked on my work computer. Oh. Man.

First of all, the photography on this website is excellent. Nothing makes you covet beautiful yellow walls quite like good photos of them.

Second of all, the writers include step-by-step instructions about how they redid their rooms and all the tantalizing details about the couch they chose or why the off-white shelving unit was the perfect complement to the painting they found at the flea market.


Be still my beating heart.

Alas. As long as DC housing prices mandate that I must be a (relatively) poor renter, I shall continue to envy the wall paint and the no-assembly-required furniture.

And I’ll continue to live vicariously through your glorious home. Thanks for still opening the door to me even after you’ve read this. You guys are true friends.


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