Quarter-Life Crisis: The 9 to 5

Early last week, an alarming thing happened at my office. One of my coworkers took a new job, meaning that out of the 13 or so research assistants at my company, I have been here the longest. This summer, I will have been here for 3 years. In this company, that means something is wrong with me. This job has a standard 2 year turn-over rate. People come in from undergrad, work for a year, apply to grad school for a year, and then leave. My boss has started planning out my life for me (I’m headed back to Ohio to get a Master’s degree from BG, by the way) and asking leading questions about my plans for “the future”.

Friday, I got an email that read:

Dear Miss _______:

We are currently updating our database of peer reviewers for **** and *****. As an expert in your field, you are in our file as a candidate for reviewing future manuscripts.

I’m freaking out a little. I’m not an expert in my field! I don’t even know what my field is! I’m a 26-year old kid who is more passionate about what I do when I leave the office than the work that I do in it.

It may be time to rethink the 9 to 5.


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