As mentioned, my postage stamp has moved yet again. I think the general goal is to become thoroughly acquainted with all corners of Northern Virginia – I am well on my way!

During the moving process, I’ve had lots of thoughts about community, the role of the “family of faith”, maintaining connections in our increasingly fragmented world, the value we do and should place on our global economy, God’s calling on our lives, and dance.

Owing to lots of back-logged real work, boxes that remain unpacked, and a compulsive need to travel that hits me every summer, most of these thoughts will have to remain in storage, to be slowly expounded on throughout the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, I leave you with my thoughts on dance.

I have only taken a few ill-fated formal dance classes. I think my mother categorizes my dancing experience as one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” seasons of life. But alas, forcing my legs into dance tights was not something that I was excited about as a child, and I let my mother know this. So we quit dance.

But in high school, for reasons that are still not entirely clear to me, I joined our high school dance team and began to rekindle a love of movement, of dance. Although I am by no means an accomplished dancer, I take pleasure in watching those who are express themselves in a way that transcends the feeble words that bind the rest of us.

In the process of moving, I’ve watched a lot of TV on Hulu to help pass the time in the monotony of yet again stuffing all my earthly possessions into small brown boxes. It would so happen that So You Think You Can Dance was on Hulu this summer. And I got taken in.

I’m normally opposed to these talent-game-show-reality-tv endeavors, but the contestants this year are so passionate and so genuine that it was hard not to get taken in. I offer you two performances by my stand-out favorite, Melanie. The finale is on tonight. I hope you tune in and lose yourself, if only for a moment.


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